As someone who thinks about the future in your work, is the future of the book something that you think about as an author?

I do not think the paper book is going away any time soon.

Why not?

It offers too many advantages. The book is very portable and when the lights go out you can still read it. And also the neurology, they’re working on the neurology of on-screen reading versus on-page reading. Apparently there is a difference. I think for reading shorter things e-forms are fine and can provide pretty pictures, various enhancements, hyperlinks, other things that people may find useful. If I’m reading a novel, I actually don’t want things popping up and saying “this is what Jane Austen’s petticoat would have looked like.” Every prediction—radio would kill books, it didn’t; television would kill movies, it didn’t; e-reading will kill books, it hasn’t—these predictions have all been wrong. You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.